Split strip parts

What is a stainless steel strip?

A stainless steel strip is weather resistant and has many uses: for antennas, cables, industrial strapping … Our super-resistant parts are made of either standard stainless steel or spring steel. They can be produced in large production runs on our multi-slide machines. The maximum thickness is 3 mm but their length can vary between just a few millimetres to 500 mm.

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Their edges can be sheared, deburred or untouched.

Split strip production

Our split strip parts are produced on our multi-slide machines and require the development of specific tooling for each part. A multi-slide machine has a number of advantages:

  • Simple production of folded metal parts
  • Production of automatically assembled parts
  • Better control of tooling costs

Examples of split strip usage

The demand for metal items is vast. For example Chabanne Industry produces connecting rods and also chair frames. We have contacts in the horticulture sector for our mulching fasteners and trellis . Other activities using metal wire include street furniture, construction, household appliances, automobile, etc.

Iron items can be end-products (for example fasteners and trellis) but also components for end-products.

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