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What is a metal hook?

A metal hook is a metal object with curved extremities to hang something on, for example a frame. How you define a hook varies from one sector to another. For example in the storage and warehousing sector, a metal hook is more like an upside down question mark, typically attached to the cables or chains of hoisting machines.

Metal hook production

As with many other metal wire items such as springs, clips or pins, the metal hooks are produced on our CNC bending machines. Whether you are looking for ceiling hooks or hooks for tensioners, we can produce them in small, medium or large production runs.

Application example of our metal hooks

A hook can be designed to hold something in place, often used in the building industry, for example tiles, downpipes or water and gas piping. Hooks are also used to hang various objects, referred to as suspension hooks in the industrial painting, bicycle or pipe sectors. Clearly there are many different types of hooks, but usually people talk of S-shaped hooks.

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