CNC Machine setter

Responsible for the conformity of machine settings to produce parts in compliance with customer requirements and in optimal economic conditions.


[Operations ] :

  • Prepare work station with all control tools required
  • Prepare a buffer stock as required
  • Set the machine
  • Write the CNC machine programmes, perform modifications as required and backups
  • If necessary, modify settings during the production process
  • Select drop chute in accordance with production output
  • Monitor production of fragile parts
  • Note all settings on the ERP
  • Optimise use of robots, ex. UR
  • Draw up a plan / diagram of new tools and replace existing production tools if worn or faulty
  • Train and integrate new recruits
  • If required, prepare a welding station or tunnel furnace at machine output
  • Produce and pack articles according to workload
  • Participate in the maintenance and cleaning of the equipment and work area

[Quality ] :

  • Provide operator with the production launch part
  • Perform maintenance operations on tooling and machines
  • Train the operator in the use of part templates


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